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Bespoke Gazebo Covers

We can manufacture bespoke waterproof gazebo covers to cater to any gazebo frame. Our covers are waterproof, easy to clean and UV stabilised preventing the colour from fading in direct sunlight. Depending on your budget and the finish you’re looking to achieve, we can provide the panels in PVC 610gsm or Embossed PVC which has the look and feel of canvas but eliminates the need to reproof or remove mould like you would if a standard canvas was used.

Our gazebo covers are perfect to use all year round to block out sunlight in the summer or to keep the wind out during the winter. The covers have buckles at the top to allow the cover to be rolled up when not in use.

Waterproof Gazebo Cover

Additional options

Our covers can be manufactured with a zip door, which allows only the door to be rolled up for access, rather than the whole panel. We can also add clear windows to allow natural sunlight


Wooden Gazebo Frame

We would recommend using our turnbuttons fixings to secure your covers to the frame, this is more aesthetically pleasing than using eyelets as it excludes the use of a screw. Our turnbutton fixings are provided in two parts. The first part is secured onto the cover and the second part is supplied separately to secure to your frame. Once slotted into one another, the second part turns, interlocking the cover to the frame.

Metal Gazebo Frame

We would recommend using velcro loops that would wrap around the metal framework and secure it into place. The loops would be secured along the top and sides every 500mm to ensure it is secure.

We would advise that the bespoke gazebo covers are to be rolled up during windy conditions, as the wind may cause damage to the cover, particularly where the fixings are located.

We have you covered

We can provide a wide range of materials to cater for outdoor use. We have a variety of specifications that we can cater for.

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