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Industrial Curtains

Our PVC industrial curtains are the perfect addition to any door to allow quick and easy access to a heavy traffic area.

There are multiple ways of securing the curtain in place. If the curtain is being used to divide a room and isn’t required to move, we would recommend battening the curtain to a steel / wooden structure.

For curtains that need to be pulled back and forth, we can provide a tension wire which is threaded onto the curtain using eyelets. Another option would be to use tracking and rollers, this allows the curtain to slide with ease.

The curtain assists with keeping the dust, materials, and inclement weather out and if being used on an external door; is designed to maintain your desired internal temperature.

Industrial curtains image
610gsm or 900gsm PVC
Tracking and rollers to help manoeuvre the curtain easily
Fire retardant, thermal, anti-static and food grade available
Fixings can be provided to secure to the floor in windy conditions
Industrial curtains image

Catering for all conditions

For wide areas, we would suggest splitting the curtain in half to make the manoeuvre of the curtain more manageable. We would secure the curtains together using Velcro once in place, to allow them to act as one curtain. We can also produce the curtain to be secured in place which would be useful when permanently segregating an area.

Looking to keep the curtain closed but still have pedestrian access?

We can manufacture a zip or Velcro door to allow pedestrian traffic whilst the rest of the curtain is secured, we can include roll-up straps so that there is an option to keep this permanently open during working hours.

PVC Curtains can be used for racking, using the same method with tension wire, we can create a solution that protects the items being stored from dust, rodents, and inclement weather.

We have you covered

We can provide a wide range of materials to cater for indoor and outdoor use. Our most popular is 900gsm PVC, but we have a variety of specifications that we can cater for:



Fire retardant

Food grade


Other doors available

High Speed Doors

PVC Strip Curtains

What our clients say

Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller
Absolutely fantastic service. Did some alterations to our tentbox cover for us. Perfect job, really happy - cannot recommend these guys enough. 5 stars.
Tony Boultby
Tony Boultby
From start to finish they couldn’t help us enough. And the finished product say it all. The gazebo sides are more than we ever expected
Paul Stixx Grint
Paul Stixx Grint
Great service. Helped my company and I out of quite a jam.
Louise Youngman
Louise Youngman
Really pleased with the re stitching on pram hood and side panels. Good service, good work and good price.
ZoeDen Manners
ZoeDen Manners
New Gazebbo cover very impressed