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Machine Covers

We manufacture machine covers and equipment covers to protect from dust and chemicals for inside use and from inclement weather for outside use.

Our standard covers are manufactured using 610gsm PVC which comes in a variety of colours. The covers are waterproof to allow the covers to be wiped clean during a routine factory clean. They are UV stabilised, which prevents the cover from fading if stored in direct sunlight.

Machine Covers

High Specification Materials

Ensuring we comply with health and safety regulations is one of our top priorities, we have the knowledge to guide you in choosing the right material for your needs. We can provide specialised materials such as fire retardant, food grade, and anti-static PVC to ensure the covers are accommodating your requirements.


We know how important branding can be for a company and we have a variety of options to suit every client. Using a company logo on a cover that is being transported to allow thousands of potential clients to see it. We can print warning labels and hazard warning lines for health and safety guidelines. For large quantities, we can also create numeric codes to help keep track of where the covers are located.

Bespoke Fitting

Equipment and machinery covers don’t always come in a perfect box shape, so we manufacture our cover to suit your machine. We can provide cutouts for pipes and cables that don’t need to be covered or Velcro roll-up doors to allow control panels to be easily accessible.

Some machines have an exhaust, which means they can’t be covered with 610gsm PVC, we can manufacture PVC mesh panels within the cover, to allow the machine to maintain its temperature and airflow.

We have you covered

We can provide a wide range of materials to cater for indoor and outdoor use. Our most popular is 900gsm PVC, but we have a variety of specifications that we can cater for:



Fire retardant

Food grade


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