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PVC Strip Curtains

Our Industrial PVC Strip Curtains are available in various sizes and thicknesses depending on your requirements.

Industrial Strips are a cost-effective way of dividing rooms for containment and keeping a controlled temperature or dust control. They are commonly used in food production to keep rodents and pests out or in pharmaceutical companies where cleanliness is a priority.

We provide our strip curtains as a package, so the rails to secure the strips in place will also be included.

We have a wide range of types, but to name a few:

Standard – Used typically for industrial curtains and partitions and suitable for temperatures between -15 degrees and +50 degrees.

Polar – Used typically for freezer applications and suitable for temperatures between -25 degrees and +30 degrees. This product is specialised to stop the PVC from becoming brittle and cracking in cold environments.

Ribbed – Used typically for curtains exposed to inclement weather, the ribs prevent the strips from sticking together so would be suitable for heavier traffic.  This option can be used in temperatures between -15 degrees and +50 degrees.

Our sales team will be able to determine what’s the best specification for your PVC strip curtains as it all depends on how much traffic will be using them for access, this is how the thickness is calculated.  Our strip curtains are versatile, allowing them to be installed to suit any space or doorway. They are transparent to comply with health and safety ensuring that it is easy to see pedestrians or vehicles passing through.

Over time the curtains will get contaminated with every vehicle or pedestrian access, they can be easily cleaned with hot and soapy water or cleaning products that are suitable for the PVC.

All our Industrial Curtains can be delivered to any address in the UK.

For more information or to discuss your requirements. Please contact us.

We have you covered

We can provide a wide range of materials to cater for indoor and outdoor use. Our most popular is 900gsm PVC, but we have a variety of specifications that we can cater for:



Fire retardant

Food grade


Other doors available

Industrial curtains may need to include a clear PVC panel for health and safety purposes, as it may be required to see on the other side of the curtain. We could also provide printing which can include a logo, or health and safety guidelines.

Industrial Curtains

High Speed Doors

What our clients say

Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller
Absolutely fantastic service. Did some alterations to our tentbox cover for us. Perfect job, really happy - cannot recommend these guys enough. 5 stars.
Tony Boultby
Tony Boultby
From start to finish they couldn’t help us enough. And the finished product say it all. The gazebo sides are more than we ever expected
Paul Stixx Grint
Paul Stixx Grint
Great service. Helped my company and I out of quite a jam.
Louise Youngman
Louise Youngman
Really pleased with the re stitching on pram hood and side panels. Good service, good work and good price.
ZoeDen Manners
ZoeDen Manners
New Gazebbo cover very impressed