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Ratchet Straps

Our Ratchet Straps are manufactured to ensure your load is secured exactly how you need it to be. We can provide a variety of options depending on what’s required. To create your strap you need the following items, Webbing, Ratchets, and End Fixings.

Head over to our Online Shop to see what our most popular ratchet straps are. For bulk orders, please contact us for discounts.

Ratchet and Strap with Claw Hooks 10


The webbing can be provided in a range of tonnages starting from 0.25 tonne to 10 tonne and in an array of colours to match your branding or to allow the strap to stand out. Lengths of each strap are also determined by what’s required so we can manufacture any length to secure your load.

We can also include branding on to the webbing strap to promote your business or stop straps from being stolen.


Our Ratchets can be provided short or long-handled, and manufactured to suit a range of webbing sizes and tonnages. Specialist ratchets like Ergonomic pull-down ratchets or for lighter loads, mini ratchets or cambuckles can be used.

End Fixing


Depending on your vehicle, there are a number of end fixings you can choose from to safely secure your ratchet straps:

  • Claw Hook
  • Open Rave Hook
  • Closed Rave Hook
  • D Ring
  • Snap Hooks

Our ratchet straps are manufactured in our Factory based in Nottingham, so whether you choose a popular ratchet strap or want to create something entirely bespoke to adapt to your load, we can help.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


What our clients say

Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller
Absolutely fantastic service. Did some alterations to our tentbox cover for us. Perfect job, really happy - cannot recommend these guys enough. 5 stars.
Tony Boultby
Tony Boultby
From start to finish they couldn’t help us enough. And the finished product say it all. The gazebo sides are more than we ever expected
Paul Stixx Grint
Paul Stixx Grint
Great service. Helped my company and I out of quite a jam.
Louise Youngman
Louise Youngman
Really pleased with the re stitching on pram hood and side panels. Good service, good work and good price.
ZoeDen Manners
ZoeDen Manners
New Gazebbo cover very impressed