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Rollover Sheets

Whether automatic or manual sheets, we provide our customers with strong durable rollover sheets to protect their stock from the elements.

Our rollover sheets are made from a minimum weight of 650gsm PVC to a maximum of 900gsm PVC. They are manufactured in a variety of colours to match your company branding or vehicle.

The sheets have excellent strength and durability whilst keeping your load clean and dry.

Usually, rollover sheets are battened onto the vehicle, but some sheets require keder to slot into a channel or eyelets that have a tension wire threaded through.

Reinforcement is high frequency welded using 900gsm PVC to the areas that are prone to become easily damaged. Each sheet is unique, so we can include a centre pole pocket and/or just a side pocket. We also use 5 Tonne webbing on the edges of the sheet to ensure there is minimum damage during use.

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Additional Extras

It’s not only the sheet that we can provide, we can also supply the wind up handle to allow the cover to be rolled up easily. We can supply the pole in 50mm and 100mm diameters depending on your requirements.

Straps are used alongside Roll Over Sheets to secure the sheet in place and ready for transportation. We can supply ratchet straps and Y straps in any length and use your preferred fixings or buckles.


We know how important branding is, especially for vehicles on the road, we can include a logo or stencil a name onto the side of the cover to promote your business. Reflective tape can also be added for added safety regulations.
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We have you covered

We can provide a wide range of materials to cater for outdoor use. Our most popular is 900gsm PVC, but we have a variety of specifications that we can cater for.

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