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Skip Nets

We have been supplying the waste industry with strong, durable, economical skip nets since 2013. The nets are to be used to cover a loaded skip, to prevent any debris from falling out during transportation.

The nets are secured using a mechanical arm, once the skip is loaded onto the vehicle, the operator will release the arm which unwinds the net and covers the skip entirely.

We can manufacture the nets using our standard 240gsm mesh or 700gsm mega mesh depending on the budget and longevity of the product.

Skip Net on truck 2
Skip Net On Truck

What We Can Do

We can manufacture certain brands of Skip Loaders and Hook Loader nets such as Boughton and Hyva.  Check out our online shop to purchase a net today. We can produce any bespoke size net to cater to your vehicle.

The nets are edged with 610gsm heavy duty PVC to ensure the eyelets fitted are durable. These are usually manufactured approximately every 3 feet.  We also reinforce the front and rear of the net, as this is where it takes most of its impact.

Rope or shock cord can be provided with the cover, or we can provide a full coil to allow the client to secure at their ideal length.

We can manufacture in Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, or Red to ensure it’s cohesive for your brand.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

We have you covered

What our clients say

Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller
Absolutely fantastic service. Did some alterations to our tentbox cover for us. Perfect job, really happy - cannot recommend these guys enough. 5 stars.
Tony Boultby
Tony Boultby
From start to finish they couldn’t help us enough. And the finished product say it all. The gazebo sides are more than we ever expected
Paul Stixx Grint
Paul Stixx Grint
Great service. Helped my company and I out of quite a jam.
Louise Youngman
Louise Youngman
Really pleased with the re stitching on pram hood and side panels. Good service, good work and good price.
ZoeDen Manners
ZoeDen Manners
New Gazebbo cover very impressed